Frequently Asked Questions

Why Online Pharmacy?

Well, we can give you a few reasons:
If you like to save but still want quality, we are the place for all your pharmaceutical needs.
If you want FDA-approved generic or brand name medications for less, we are the place to buy.
If you want fast, discrete delivery to your doorstep, our site is your one-stop pharmacy shop.

What makes Online Pharmacy a better way to buy than through my neighborhood pharmacy?

We save you money! And on the very same FDA approved generic and brand name medications you buy from your local drugstore. The entire purchase process takes place from the comfort of your own home, with fast, discrete delivery to your doorstep.

How can the medications you sell at such low prices be legitimate?

Because we serve as a broker between buyer and drugstore, we cut out the costs that usually come with selling via the traditional pharmacy. This means we are able to offer real FDA approved generic and brand name pharmaceuticals - the exact same ones you find at your local pharmacy - at much less than retail cost.

How do I decide between generic and brand name?

What it really comes down to is price. Generic medications and the brand name equivalents are exactly the same in composition, in their effects, and in the standards they are held to by the FDA. The only difference is in color and shape, due to trademark issues; and of course, most significantly, in price.

Is the generic version less effective than the brand name version

No, both generic and brand name versions are exactly the same. There is no difference between their chemical makeup, or in the way they effect the patient's body. Both are produced under the same FDA guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

What does it mean that generic and brand name medications look different than one another?

This is simply due to trademark issues. Both generic pills are chemically identical to their brand name counterparts, and are produced according to the same FDA standards

How can a doctor issue a prescription without seeing me in person?

In order for your prescription to be approved, you must complete a detailed health history. A physician licensed by the authorities in his/her state will review this and base approval upon the information you supply. Once a request is okayed, it is sent to a contracted (and licensed) drug story to be filled.

How can it be legal to buy meds on the web?

Yes, of course. Laws exist which monitor shipment of medications and these vary from country to country. In the US, a limit is set by the FDA allowing the import of a 3-month personal supply of prescription pharmaceuticals.

Are the medications you sell really the real thing?

Yes - what we sell is the same as the items you would buy from your local pharmacy. Everything is FDA-approved - either generic and brand name. All items are produced in facilities which adhere to all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Ok, I want to order - how does this work?

You simply browse and select the medication you need. Complete in full the online medical history, fill in your payment and personal details and sit back and wait for your order to arrive. Your request will be reviewed by a licensed physician, who will approve or deny the prescription based upon your medical information. Once the order is approved, it is forwarded to a contracted pharmacy, which will fill and send it out.

How do I get a refund from your site?

We cannot issue refunds on any returned items - this is Federal Law. If, however. Your order does not arrive, we will either issue a refund, or reship a new order.

How long till my order goes out?

Orders are sent out during weekday business hours - 9am EST Mon - 4pm EST Friday. Orders that come in on holidays or weekends are sent on the next regular business day.

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